I am professor and former Chair of Business Dynamics, Innovation, and Economic Change at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, and a research professor at the Halle Institute for Economics (IWH). I am also Associate Editor of the academic journals “Regional Studies” and “Small Business Economics”.

Ich bin Professor für Volkswirtschaftslehre (Unternehmensentwicklung, Innovation und wirtschaftlichen Wandel) an der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena sowie Forschungsprofessor am Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Halle (IWH). Weiterhin bin ich Associate Editor der Fachzeitschriften „Regional Studies“ und „Small Business Economics“ tätig.


Presentations and Workshops

August 17, 2018: New video. Here is a new video on „Latest Thinking“ where I talk about main results of my research on the impact of start-ups on regional and national economic development. https://lt.org/publication/what-impact-do-start-ups-really-have-regional-or-national-economic-development

June 2, 2018: New book „Regional Trajectories of Entrepreneurship, Knowledge, and Growth―The Role of History and Culture. Whew! Michael Wyrwich and I have just submitted the manuscript of our new book „Regional Trajectories of Entrepreneurship, Knowledge, and Growth―The Role of History and Culture“ to Springer publishers. The book summarizes and extends our research conducted during the past years. … read more about the book

June 1, 2018: Special Sessions on „Formal and Informal Institutions in Regional Entrepreneurial Processes“: I am organizing (together with Marcus Dejardin and Michael Wyrwich) Special Sessions on „Formal and Informal Institutions in Regional Entrepreneurial Processes“ at the 58th ERSA Congress in Cork, Ireland, August 28-31, 2018. See: https://az659834.vo.msecnd.net/eventsairwesteuprod/production-ersa-public/9654e80c339b4e938a9e31bf5e94ce9a

Recent publications:

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